Reliable Shellcode

Shellcode, but without the guesswork

Utilising ROP

The problem with shellcode exploits as they are is that the locations of it are questionable - wouldn't it be cool if we could control where we wrote it to?

Well, we can.

Instead of writing shellcode directly, we can instead use some ROP to take in input again - except this time, we specify the location as somewhere we control.

Using ESP

If you think about it, once the return pointer is popped off the stack ESP will points at whatever is after it in memory - after all, that's the entire basis of ROP. But what if we put shellcode there?

It's a crazy idea. But remember, ESP will point there. So what if we overwrite the return pointer with a jmp esp gadget! Once it gets popped off, ESP will point at the shellcode and thanks to the jmp esp it will be executed!


ret2reg extends the use of jmp esp to the use of any register that happens to point somewhere you need it to.

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