Binary Exploitation Notes

Welcome to my blog! There's a lot here and it's a bit spread out, so here's a guide:

  • If you're looking for the binary exploitation notes, you're in the right place! Here I make notes on most of the things I learn, and also provide vulnerable binaries to allow you to have a go yourself. Most "common" stack techniques are mentioned along with some super introductory heap; more will come soon™.

  • If you're looking for my maths notes, they are split up (with some overlap):

    • All my other maths notes can be found on Notion here. I realise having it in multiple locations is annoying, but maths support in Notion is just wayyy better. Like so much better. Sorry.

    • Hopefully these two get moulded into one soon

If you'd like to find me elsewhere, I'm usually down as ir0nstone. The accounts you'd actually be interested in seeing are likely my HackTheBox account or my Twitter (or X, if you really prefer).

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And, of course, thanks to GitBook for all of their support :)

~ Andrej Ljubic

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