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Meet-in-the-middle attack on AES


We are given, which does the following:

  • Creates two keys

    • Key1 is cyb3rXm45!@# + 4 random bytes from 0123456789abcdef

    • Key2 is 4 random bytes from 0123456789abcdef + cyb3rXm45!@#

  • Encrypts the flag with Key1 using AES-ECB

  • Encrypts the encrypted flag with Key2 using AES-ECB

We can use a meet-in-the-middle attack to retreive both keys. The logic here is simple. Firstly, there are 16 possible characters for each of the 4 random bytes, which is easily bruteforceable (16416^4).

We can also encrypt a given input and get the result - I choose to send 12345678 as the hex-encoded plaintext and receive . For these keys, the encrypted flag is given as:


The Attack

Now we have a known plaintext and ciphertext, we can use both one after the other and bruteforce possible keys. Note that the encryption looks like this:

We do not know what the intermediate value x is, but we can use brute force to calculate it by

  • Looping through all possibilities for key1 and saving the encrypted version of 12345678

  • Looping through all possibilities for key2 and saving the decryption of 449e2eb...

  • Finding the intersection between the encryption with key1 and the decryption with key2

Once we find this intersection, we can use that to work back and calculate key1 and key2, which we can then utilise to decrypt the flag.

Solve Script

from itertools import permutations

from Crypto.Cipher import AES
from Crypto.Util.Padding import pad

key_start = b'cyb3rXm45!@#'
alphabet = b'0123456789abcdef'

enc_flag = bytes.fromhex('43badc9cfb6198e97e5c0085eba941043982169877c2ec51995b5527d32244ebf3af4453e73408786a9eb39cd7fbb731afd940617e7ad1484ac017a7c0c3798cdb4a96ed96e816cf2a09fd4b39715064d0bba8bbf37e5d713f0af6a850985644')

known_text = pad(bytes.fromhex("12345678"), 16)
known_ciphertext = bytes.fromhex('449e2eb3a7f793184ef41a8042739307')

# brute all encryptions
encryption_table = {}           # key : value -> encryption result : key

for key in permutations(alphabet, 4):
    key = key_start + bytes(key)
    cipher =, AES.MODE_ECB)
    encrypted_custom = cipher.encrypt(known_text)
    encryption_table[encrypted_custom] = key

# brute all decryptions
decryption_table = {}           # key : value -> decryption result : key

for key in permutations(alphabet, 4):
    key = bytes(key) + key_start
    cipher =, AES.MODE_ECB)
    decrypted_custom = cipher.decrypt(known_ciphertext)
    decryption_table[decrypted_custom] = key

# find the intersection between the keys of decryption_table and encryption_table
# if there is an intersection, we can cross-reference the AES key we used
encryption_table_set = set(encryption_table.keys())
decryption_table_set = set(decryption_table.keys())

intersection = encryption_table_set.intersection(decryption_table_set).pop()
encryption_key = encryption_table[intersection]     # set the encryption key now we know which it is
decryption_key = decryption_table[intersection]     # set the decryption key now we know which it is

# now decrypt flag_enc twice
cipher1 =, AES.MODE_ECB)
cipher2 =, AES.MODE_ECB)

flag = cipher2.decrypt(enc_flag)
flag = cipher1.decrypt(flag).decode().strip()


And we get the flag as HTB{m337_m3_1n_7h3_m1ddl3_0f_3ncryp710n}!

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