First we're met with a signin form:

Let's try some default creds, admin and admin.

Below, the query run on the database is shown; this seems like a clear example of SQL injection.


Ultimately, we want to try and log in as a user. To do this, we can try to inject our own SQL.

We know the payload looks like the following:

select * from users where username = '<username>' AND password = '<password>';

We want to trick this into always returning a user, and to do this we'll inject a clause that's always true, such as 1=1.

admin' OR 1=1

That will make the query equal to the following:

select * from users where username = 'admin' OR 1=1 AND password = 'password';

So here, it'll compare the username to admin, and if it's not the same the check will still pass because 1=1. However, there's a small issue with the password still being wrong. To bypass this check, we'll make everything after our injection a comment so that the databse ignores it:

admin' OR 1=1;--

That would make the query be:

select * from users where username = 'admin' OR 1=1;-- AND password = 'password';

As you can see, the username will always be correct due to the 1=1 and the password check is commented out! Let's try it.

We still have to input a password because some javascript checks to make sure it's there, but we can fill that with any rubbish. And we get the flag!


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